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Monday, January 12, 2015

The Right Way To Freeze Your Cookies & Cookie Dough #CookieWorld

The Right Way To Freeze Your Cookies & Cookie Dough #CookieWorld

Some amateur bakers often ask if they can freeze or chill their cookies & cookie doughs. Of course, you may chill or freeze your cookie mixtures but not all cookie mixtures turn out to be successful when frozen.

Avoid freezing cookies with cream filling, meringues and any cookie mixture with a beaten egg white as one of its ingredients. Freezing or chilling these types will not be good because egg white in cookies tend to separate when they're frozen. Although other kinds of dough/cookie mixtures become even better when frozen.

If you want to freeze or chill your freshly-baked cookies, you may cover them thoroughly with plastic and put them inside a freezer/ziploc bag. Another way to store these yummy cookies is to place them inside a clean container but divide each layer with plastic/serran wrap or with some waxed paper.

In most cases, the cookie mixture is often chilled rather than the already cooked cookies because cookies which are freshly-baked smell good and taste better than those that have been stored for quite some time.

For easier baking and preparation, it's better to mold the cookie mixture into small logs before freezing. This way you may easily cut the cookie mixture and achieve even portions of cookies.

When making your cookie dough logs, you need to put ample amounts of cookie dough mixture on a piece of parchment or waxed paper. Then mold dough mixture into small log shapes that measure around 10-inches long with a diameter of 1.5 to two inches. Cover or seal the mixture properly by twisting its ends just like in candies. After properly sealing it, put the small logs inside a freezer/ziploc bag & place them inside your freezer.

In order to make sure that the cookie dough logs still have their proper shapes and not go flat on just one face, you may get them out of your freezer once they have been chilled for half an hour. Roll them again on a clean and flat surface and smooth out its flattened side.
If you want to freeze cookies individually, you need to shape your cookie mixture according to your preferred sizes and chill them until they're hard and solid. When cookies are frozen, place them inside a ziploc bag or cover them twice for better protection before placing them inside your freezer.

Always put tags or labels on your plastic bags including the type of cookies & the dates that they were made. Never freeze your cookie mixture for more than three months to retain the flavor and freshness.
If you plan in baking your frozen or chilled dough logs, get them out of your chiller or freezer. Your small cookie mixture rounds which you just made are now ready for baking although they might need additional minutes inside your oven. The small dough logs you created must go through defrosting first before you cut and bake them. You may defrost your cookies on a clean counter top or through a microwave.

Freezing your cookies & cookie dough mixtures is always good just in case you get those cookie cravings.

Source: Chris D Gardner @GoArticles