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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fortune Cookies: Sweet Wisdom

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Fortune cookies usually are crunchy Asian American cookies which are made of sugar, flour, vanilla, and edible oil with a special ‘fortune’ inserted inside. They are delicious deserts, in particular after having a Chinese food or dish. Additionally, they can be offered as popular gift items. Many people love to bake them at their own homes and present these as gifts to near and dear ones.

If you wish, you too can bake lot of money cookies at home to make them a lot more personalized and serve it to friends and loved ones or to your family members, particularly the children! This is also a great way to teach kids some great things in life and some proverbs while providing a better explanation and meaning. For this reason, fortune cookies currently within the market usually carry great quotes and messages.

The ‘fortune’ is really piece of paper that has words of faux wisdom and some complex prophecy. The “lot of money cookies” are also called “lucky lot of money cookies” because at times they have been discovered to possess some lottery lucky numbers inside them and some prophecies that are really fruitful to numerous individuals. The moment 1 finds some cookies in front, he or she can't resist the temptation to taste a few and also find what lies inside it.

Some well-liked quotes and indigenous items that are found in Fortune Cookies are like - ‘Take a minute and let it ride, then take a minute to let it breeze.’ ‘We are here to adore one another, serve one another and uplift one another.’ ‘If everybody is a worm you ought to be a glow worm.’ You find such kinds of memorable quotes and wise words in them that elate the mind and spirit. As you crack open the cookie you are definite to find some message or prophecy of great lot of money awaiting from you.

Nicely, leaving the lot of money unrevealed, let us talk a little about its tastes and also the delicacies from the cookie. Fortune cookies are popular not only because of their hidden messages but also its taste too. They keep that delicious waffle taste whilst made of healthy ingredients. Almost each individual who has tried a fortune cookie can say that they've brought some back home for their children. Kids adore them because of the sweet taste and also the “cool” message they get when they crack it open.

Though today the mainland of China and Taiwan are aware lot of money cookies, nevertheless they choose to maintain distance from the idea. 1 of the main reasons why they are not well-liked in those particular areas is because the fortune cookie originated in the Western world. Even although the fortune cookies seem like Asian style crackers, majority of Americans and Canadians adore them more than Asians themselves. If you've yet to try some or have not tasted them for a long time and get a box of it and appreciate at the comfort of your own home.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Custom Cookie Cutters Make Great Gifts

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You can find custom cookie cutters made today in virtually every style and shape imaginable. If you know someone who enjoys baking, you may want to consider getting him or her some custom cookie cutters as birthday or holiday gifts that’s sure to delight them. They’re an unexpected and thoughtful way to give a gift that’s truly personal and a bit unexpected.

You can get a set of custom cookie cutters designed around a holiday, such as Christmas or Easter, or around a theme, such as popular flowers like daisies and daffodils. You can find custom cookie cutters for animal lovers in the shape of various dog breeds, fish or forest animals.

But truly custom cookie cutters are the ones you design yourself or have someone design for you. Perhaps you’d like to make cookies in the shape of safari animals for your son’s birthday party, or ballerina themed cookies for a celebration after the dance recital.

Look online for a cookie cutter shop that offers custom cookie cutters made to order. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. There will be a small charge to design, set up and create the first cookie cutter, but each cookie cutter after that shouldn’t cost much more than the price of a standard cookie cutter. A typical set-up fee might be $20-$30, with each additional cookie cutter costing less than $5 each. Consider going together with some friends or family members who would like to have their own cookie cutters in the shape you have designed to share the cost.

Of course, custom cookie cutters make great gifts. Does your family have a particular hobby that’s shared? Have cookie cutters made to reflect their love of sports, miniature trains or playing golf. Golf club cookie cutters, various train engines and even team mascot cookie cutters can all be the hit of your next family gathering. Or choose a special shape. Whether it’s your own take on a snowflake, a ballerina or a cowboy, you can tie custom cookie cutter to their gifts in place of a gift tag for each person in your family at the holidays.

If someone in your family is an avid baker, consider ordering a complete set of custom cookie cutters that span the seasons. She’ll love being able to make Easter cookies shaped like crosses or lilies, autumn cookies shaped like leaves and acorns and even clovers for St. Patrick’s Day! You’ll really impress her if you have one or two custom cookie cutters for every month of the year so she can bake beautiful, eye catching cookies year round.

If you’re interested in having custom cookie cutters made, put some thought into what you really want and keep in mind that not all objects translate well into cookie cutter shapes. You only have two dimensions to work with rather than three when creating a cookie cutter, so you need to design a shape that has a very distinctive, easily recognizable outline for the best results. A horse will be instantly recognized, but a golf ball won’t look like a golf ball unless you ice it properly to add the needed details such as dimples. Think creatively about shapes when designing your cookie cutters. A mouse will look great in profile with his pointy nose at one end and a long, curvy tail at the other end. The front view of a mouse would probably be unrecognizable. Also keep in mind that some features may be too slender to translate into a cookie cutter because it would be easy for the cookie to break – A fishing pole might work, but you can’t translate the fishing line to a cookie cutter.

Once you have several good designs on paper, find an online store that specializes in nothing but cookie cutters and contact them. They will work closely with you to create custom cookie cutters that will become cherished family heirlooms.