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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Decorated Cookies To Make Your Next Occasion More Enjoyable

Author Resource: Kathleen Westley is a gourmet cookie lover. She writes about where to find the best cookies for all occasions. This month she covers decorated cookies at Cookie Gallery and Article Online Directory

Decorated Cookies To Make Your Next Occasion More Enjoyable

Finding the appropriate gift to express your holiday well-wishes, congratulations, or thoughtfulness can be difficult. Flowers may be too personal, or not personal enough, and a greeting card offers the recipient little in the way of practical use or real enjoyment. When you need a gift that's original but just right for almost any occasion, consider giving a batch of attractive decorated cookies. Bright, vividly decorated cookies will gratify both children and adults, and are ideal for coworkers, friends, and family alike.

What makes decorated cookies the ideal gift is that they are very suitable for any occasion. Expectedly, cookies are magnificent for birthdays, both as gifts and as party favors for your guests. Unique cookie shapes help you commemorate special birthday milestones, or you can choose cookies decorated to match a number of popular party themes. Number cookies are a perfect choice for wedding or similar anniversary celebrations as well.

There are decorated cookies specifically designed to celebrate the arrival of a newborn, or to use as lovely snacks at a baby shower. Personalized cookies bearing the name of the baby are a marvelous way to welcome the latest member of the family. Bridal showers are another great opportunity to use decorated cookies, where they help to create the theme for the party. Cookies can even be used in the wedding reception itself: Using an edible ink marker, you can turn a wedding gown decorated cookie into a place card or a table number display.

Decorated cookies are wonderful for celebrating a wide assortment of special events. The various sports themed cookies you can get would make a fantastic addition to the refreshment spread at your Super Bowl party. They can be used to celebrate a Little League victory (or console the players should the game have gone the other way), serve as snacks at a bowling league tournament, or reward an admirable performance at a dance recital. At a pool party, beach themed party decorated cookies would be quite the hit!

The beautiful thing about cookies is that they bring comfort as much as celebration. Cheerful colors add to the recipient's day, and the delicious taste will perk anyone up. You can send out cookies to a friend as a get-well gift, to cheer them up, or simply so they know that you're thinking of them. If someone close to you is going away after a graduation, a gift of decorated cookies will both congratulate them and let them carry the sweetness of your well-wishes with them. Cookies are an exquisite compliment to a care package for young people away from home, at school, or members of the armed forces serving overseas, offering a small taste of home for them to share with friends.

Any accomplishment can be celebrated with cookies, no matter how big or small. Whether you know a child who has received an award at school, or a doctoral candidate having successfully defended her his thesis, or a lawyer who has just won an important case, you may show your congratulations with adorable, artistic cookies. If your section at work achieves a major milestone, cookies will be a pleasant contribution to the office party refreshment table. No matter what the reason for your celebration, or even if there's no reason beyond just having a fantastic time, a batch of tasty and bright cookies will add some sparkle to your celebrations!

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